Homelessness is an issue that we believe should cause us to collectively reflect on our basic humanity toward one another. In a nation of abundance homelessness is a symptom of growing poverty that is forcing people to live on streets, in parks, and under bridges.  Poverty has many sources—situational, generational, familial.  Research and anecdotal evidence demonstrate that one’s ability to escape homelessness becomes less and less the longer they must live on the street.  The effects of chronic homelessness then also impact our communities.  East San Diego County lacks affordable housing, temporary shelters, and rehabilitative and supportive services – all of which leave too many people involuntarily living outdoors.

Welcome Ministry offers a prophetic voice on behalf of those who cannot represent themselves.  We participate on the East County Homeless Task Force, a collaborative effort of residents, stakeholders, community leaders, business owners and managers, and government officials.  Together we advocate for new shelter and housing opportunities and increased social services in East San Diego County.